Floater Frame Canvas Stretch Residential Picture Framing in San DiegoTake advantage of this popular art form otherwise known as canvas stretch by displaying your next project on a canvas stretch. Our canvas stretch wraps your print, poster, or photo over a wooden frame as displayed to the right. There also is the option of repeating the edge so that your project can hang without a frame.

There are a number of options to utilize the canvas medium.  Gallery wrap is a method of canvas stretching so that the canvas wraps around the sides  of the wooded frame.  Another option is placing a digital print on canvas.  A client sent us a PDF file to print a photograph taken in Europe.  They wanted it printed on canvas and enlarged to a 40 x 60 image with enough space to gallery wrap.  No problem.  We not only had the print enlarged and printed on canvas, but we stretched and wrapped the canvas and then provided a floater frame to provide a finished look that would hang above their fireplace.

Take a look at our portfolio page to view some examples of canvas stretch: